When To Give Babies Water To Drink: Water Requirement Guide

When to give babies water to drink?

If this thought bothers you then Go through the blog to know about fulfilling the water requirements in babies.

Analyzing the adequate quantity of water requirement in babies is a big puzzle to solve for new mothers. Every other person tends to advise you about this when such a situation occurs. They would be like- “Baby might be thirsty, feed him some water. Why aren’t you giving him water, he is one week old. We started it within a few hours of birth.” And this question Is water bad for baby or not starts banging in your mind.

To clear this confusion of deciding the right age, amount, type and temperature of water to be fed to a baby, I am putting down various categories.

Water Requirement as per Age

1.) 0-6 months

According to the doctors, babies below six months of age don’t require water apart from the water they are getting through breast milk which contains 88% of water in it. Doctors recommend exclusive breastfeeding to new mothers for six months. Mother’s milk is best for the baby and it is the only source of nutrition for the first six months.

Formula milk contains 50% water and 50% milk powder, so formula-fed babies also don’t require any water.

Can six months old baby drink water? No, as he is on breastfeeding so he gets water through breastmilk.

In summers, the baby asks for the feed frequently, so do the needful.

2.) 6-12 months

Children under one year of age don’t require a lot of water as sodium levels in their body can come down and lead to seizures, coma, brain damage etc.
Introduce water once your baby has completed 6 months and give a few sips of water as per pediatrician’s guidelines.

Water intoxication might occur if babies are fed water more than recommended. So, take extreme care while giving them water in their first year.

Feed them water only when they actually need it and demand it. Babies are not thirsty all the time even when it’s hot because a breastfed baby is already getting water through breastmilk. Feeding access water can fill the stomach and kill the appetite. My baby was breastfed for six months and I introduced water only after six months were completed. Whenever I offered water to him, he wasn’t thirsty. He used to refuse most of the time, so I never forced him to drink.

Water is helpful in digesting solids and semi-solids once your baby starts weaning after six months. You can also fulfill water requirement by giving your baby water-melon juice, musk melon juice, apple puree, apple juice, coconut water, and pomegranate juice only if six months are completed.

Proper care must be taken if the baby is formula fed. The quantity of water mentioned on the formula milk packet should be used to prepare the milk. Never strengthen your budget by mixing more water than indicated on the formula milk packet.

Parents should take care of their babies when they take them to swimming pool as your babies can drink water which may lead to water intoxication.

Ways to feed water

  • Initially, use sippy cups for your babies.
  • Use a traditional bowl and a spoon for feeding baby water.
  • Buy sippers when the child grows up and you can carry them whenever you go out. You can try glasses at home.

Type of water to be fed

Doctors suggest only boiled water till two years of age. Whether the water is filtered or RO water, it should be boiled, cooled down and fed.

The temperature of Water to be fed

Always develop a habit of feeding water at room temperature. Never develop a habit of giving refrigerated water to your babies. If it is hot, then the body cannot balance the temperature and it can lead to a sore throat in babies.

Quick Tips

  • Offer lukewarm water in the morning which clears your baby’s stomach.
  • Never feed access water. It can cause stomach ache.

I hope my blog will help you out in judging right time, right quantity and temperature of water to be given to your babies. Post your comments below for any queries.

Also, share your experience if any.

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