What Is Best Way To Stop Breastfeeding Quickly: Personal Guide

Breastfeeding is the best gift ever from a mother to her baby as you are building her immunity to fight against various diseases, viruses and infections. You feel lucky to feed breast milk to your LO as you are giving nourishment to a baby through it. “How to Stop Breastfeeding” programme comes with a total nightmare as this is your first baby and you are totally unaware and not experienced in this field.

Initially, your hospital nurse helps you to start the process of breastfeeding which is the most important part of your motherhood journey and you face so much difficulty in it.

WHO recommends 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding.

New moms try a lot of home remedies to increase breastmilk production.
Skin-to-skin contact during breastfeeding sessions builds up a strong bond between you and your baby.

The day came with a nightmare in my journey of motherhood when I strongly wanted to stop lactation very next hour. Hearing this from a mother seems weird and how is it practically possible stopping breastfeeding immediately and people around you make complex faces and don’t support you and are all alone to gear up in this “How to Stop Breastfeeding” program. But this time you actually need someone to hold your baby.

Why I stopped Breastfeeding

I am one of the luckiest moms to breastfeed my baby from day 1 and I never used the bottle as I was a stay at home parent and the milk supply was sufficient to fill my baby’s stomach. Once my son completed six months, I gradually started other solids such as milk and biscuit, mashed banana, Apple puree, Broken wheat, rice, Dal water, khichdi, upma etc.

My son used to have had more breastfeeding sessions and drink less amount of buffalo milk with the help of a bowl and spoon.

When my son completed 1 year 1 month he started biting my nipples without any mercy leaving cuts on my nipples while latching which later on gave sore nipples and blood. It became his habit to bite me every time I breastfeed him. What I can do was apply “Nipcare” and wipe out before feeding. This continued for 15 days and the wounds were growing instead of healing so my capacity of handling this was over and I was like I don’t want to feed my son from the very next moment as the pain and wounds were only growing and couldn’t discover any ray of hope. I used to cry during breastfeeding sessions and there was none to take me out of this as people around me took it as an excuse of not feeding my baby anymore. But the major concern was this kind of breast milk will only promote infection to my son. So, it was the high time to stop breastfeeding and take call myself.

How to “Stop Breastfeeding” program went wrong?

One of my friends suggested me to stop breastfeeding to stop the lactation so for next two days I didn’t breastfeed my baby and used to fill his stomach with some solids like upma, khichdi etc in the daytime and at night as his habit was to sleep with breastfeeding.

2 nights went on struggling upon feeding milk via a cup and used to sip 2-3 sips kept on crying for breastfeeding. Now my sore nipple was now on a verge to heal but the milk was collecting inside the breasts forming clots and I was expressing milk from my breasts and tried to feed him through cup but he refused it and kept on asking for breast milk. 2-3 times he saw me expressing milk and started asking for breast milk which was a blunder which nobody should practice while “stop breastfeeding” programme.

And the things got worse in 2-3 days and then I consulted my doctor who scolded me to stop breastfeeding like this. As breast milk takes time to stop slowly and gradually. It takes around 3-4 months to stop the breast milk completely. But my problem was entirely different then I shared my whole story with my gynecologist and keeping my problem in mind she gave me 2 options whether to go with an injection or take medicine to stop breastfeeding and feed your baby to finish the breast milk already produced in your breasts to avoid milk clots which will be a big trouble in future. I chose to go with the medicine and my milk production started decreasing within a week and gradually within 10-12 days, my milk production stopped completely. This time I went to my mom’s house to make this “stop breastfeeding” programme a success. The day I reached there I took the medicine prescribed by the doctor and then used to fill my LO’s stomach with upma, mango shake, Kesar milk, rose milk, thandai etc in the daytime. Now, came the most difficult part which was how you will make your baby sleep without having breast milk. Initially, 3-4 days he cried a lot so we used to fill his stomach in dinner time with some solids and feed him the milk produced in my breasts and slowly the quantity of milk was decreasing and my son was getting annoyed with this and he understood everything so he used to cry a lot. We used play carom, sing lullabies and tried to feed him through the cup and he used to take 2-3 sips and sleeps after 2-3 hours of struggle, we used to divert his attention and made a habit of sleeping without feed. Finally, we won the battle of the “stop breastfeeding” program. Huhhhhhhh!

Tips to Stop Breastfeeding

  • Always consult your doctor before starting the “Stop breastfeeding” programme
  • Divert the attention of your baby by swapping the feed time with play time at night
  • In the afternoon, fill your baby’s stomach with some solids so that she may fall asleep with breastfeeding
  • Move into another room leaving your baby with your husband or your mom so that your baby can sleep without smelling your breasts and come back when asleep
  • Never change your clothes in front of your baby as your baby can ask for breast milk
  • Never express milk in front of your baby
  • Press your breast to check whether any clot is remaining or not so once your milk has stopped coming out visit your doctor in case of any lumps left behind

So this was my true battle story to stop breastfeed which is another big challenge in the journey of motherhood. Never rely on someone’s suggestions always learn from your own experience as everybody has a different one. Most importantly consult your doctor before taking any step.

Stay Healthy!

Stay Fit!

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