Stroller Can Be Used Till What Age : My Own Story

Do I really need a stroller? Is it a high time to make my kid walk independently? Why can’t parents make this decision for their child? Why do people around us misjudge this decision? A stroller can be used till what age is a big confusion for parents.

This incident happened with me a few days ago when I went to pick up my son from his play school. A man struck a conversation with me who was there to pick up his granddaughter.

He asked me-

“Kya apka bachha viklaang h jo aap ye baggi leke aate ho?”

Though I wanted to fire words at him, still, I didn’t lose my temper and answered his question in a calm and composed manner. I told him that it is easier for a mother to take care of her kid on the busy roads this way. I added that not only handicapped kids can use them, but normal ones can too.

This was an extreme situation for me. I wanted him to understand that he had no right to judge someone without knowing the situation and truth. I had never expected this immature behavior from such a mature person.

Somehow, I controlled my temper and thought of writing a blog and shooting a video about this.

What is a Pram?

A pram is generally used in carrying newborns and small babies who lie on their backs. It can be folded easily­­.

What is a Stroller?

A stroller is lightweight and collapsible like a chair. It is used for infants in which they can sit in an upright position.

A very common question that comes in every parent’s mind is – “When to start using a stroller?”.

Well, you can use the stroller when your baby starts sitting.

First Instance

I have a habit of taking my son to park in the evening regularly. The other day, we went to the park and parked the stroller near the entrance gate.

Two women were walking slowly in the garden because of the knee pain and one of them asked me whether I still needed a pram.

I explained to her that my son becomes restless on the road and starts running. So, it was easy to control him in a pram. She understood and nodded. These are the same women who used to advice me to carry my son in a pram when he was just five months old.

Second Instance

When I was leaving for the park in the evening, my mother-in-law told me that one of her friends asked her the reason for using the pram.

My mother-in-law replied that her grandson is very naughty and starts running on the road.

The same woman asked me the same question when I crossed her house while walking. She was making weird facial expressions as if I was doing something wrong.

Some people have doubts whether he can walk or not as they are not habitual of seeing kids in strollers. In fact, people just ignore such kind of expenses thinking that stroller is a total waste of money. They never buy it in a city like Alwar where I am born and brought up. As a matter of fact, in USA and other countries, it is normal to see a seven-year-old kid sitting in a stroller. So, parents don’t have to hold their kids in the mall when kids get tired.

Third Instance

The other day when I went to pick up my son from his school, a man who was there to pick up his granddaughter commented on the use of the stroller. I have already shared this experience in the above section. This was the moment when I decided to write this blog.

My son’s school is 80 meters away from our house. We admitted our son to this school mainly because of the short distance. In the morning, car is available to drop him to school, but in the afternoon there is no vehicle available. So, I have to walk to his school to pick him up. There is a canopy attached to the stroller which protects my son from the scorching heat and rain drops if it’s raining. So, both of us feel very comfortable with using the stroller. This way he doesn’t get tired and I don’t have to lift him up.

I am fed up of explaining again and again.

I am fed up of explaining the same thing again and again to the people asking the same questions.

So, this blog is written for all those people who are actually having doubts about taking a two-year-old boy in the stroller.

This is also meant for those who haven’t used the stroller as yet.

I know that I am not alone who has heard these kinds of words. In fact, a lot of people are there who are listening to such comments.

The right age to stop using a stroller is when your kid starts behaving on the roads.

I hope this blog will help you clear your doubts about the stroller weight limit.

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