11 Home Remedies For Cold And Cough For Babies (3-6 months)

Is your baby suffering from cold and cough and sometimes it is unreasonable and impossible to rush to a doctor at midnight for small things like running nose, blocked nose, sneezing, mild cough, mild fever, sore throat, restlessness. Mild infections can be treated easily with home remedies for cold and cough for babies which I have mentioned in this blog.

Babies and kids are more prone to seasonal infection with the changing weather until they reach the age of 7-8 years.

From ancient times people prefer to treat seasonal infections with home remedies first and rush to the doctor only when it becomes severe.

Today, also we as a parent want to stay away from allopathic medicines to avoid their side effects in later age.

So being a parent let us take a pledge to treat our babies with home remedies for mild infections and rush to the doctor only when it becomes severe. This will help your baby to build a strong immune system and lead a healthy life without the help of medicines.

Home remedies for cold and for babies (3-6 months)

1.) Breastfeeding

First and the foremost you should go with breastfeeding to treat cold and cough at home. Breast milk is overloaded with antiviral properties which help your baby’s immune system to fight against various bacteria, germs, and viruses. If you are a working mom and are unable to breastfeed less in the daily routine then try to feed more when your baby is suffering from cold and cough. In this way, your baby will recover fast.

2.) Ajwain/Garlic Potli:


Ajwain(carom seeds) is known for its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties from ancient times. Roast dry ajwain on a preheated pan and roast it until it is brown in color and stop roasting before it turns black. Now, put it in a cotton handkerchief and make a potli.


Roast 2-3 cloves of dry garlic on a preheated pan and roast it until it turns brown in color and stops roasting the garlic cloves before its color turns black. Now put it in a cotton handkerchief and make a potli.

How to use:

First, test the temperature of the potli on your palm and then put it near the baby’s chest or nose so that the smell of ajwain can be inhaled by the baby. Collect the potli before baby wakes up so that she may not swallow it. Potli should be kept over single layering of clothes to avoid any kind of hot sensation through potli.

You can take both ajwain and garlic together for better results. This home remedy will help to open the blocked nose and give relief in congestion.
Disclaimer: You can also gently rub it on baby’s chest, palms and feet to avoid swallowing.

3.) Hot Mustard Oil Massage:

Give your baby hot mustard oil massage on her chest, back, palms and feet. You can also infuse 2 cloves and carom seeds in preheated oil and turn off the gas nob when the color of garlic and carom seeds turn brown and don’t let it turn black in color.

Disclaimer: Swallowing of oil might give loose motions to the baby.

4.) Vicks baby Rub:

Apply some Vicks baby rub to your baby’s feet and cover it with socks. It is recommended for babies above 4 months only. Application of Vicks baby rub will open the nostrils and will give her a peaceful sleep and give relief from congestion.

5.) Elevated Head:

Always elevate the baby’s head with a pillow to give him relief from congestion and give her a peaceful sleep.

6.) Wash your hands properly/Use sanitizer:

Always make sure your hands are washed properly while handling your baby as cold and cough is easily transmitted via hands as there are certain bacteria which cannot be seen through eyes. Also ask people who come to visit your baby to wash their hands before taking baby in their lap. In rare situations use sanitizer while you are traveling where water is not available.

7.) Light Steam:

Give your baby light steam to open the blocked nose and loosen the mucus inside the baby’s nose. Giving steam is a natural way to treat congestion.

Give light steam to your baby by taking the baby in your lap and putting the steamer near you and give her heat for 5-7 minutes and avoid placing steamer very close to your baby instead lean your baby’s head forward to her take the steam.

If you don’t have the steamer then go into the bathroom, shut the door and turn on the shower and sit with your baby for 10 minutes inside the bathroom to make your baby to get steam through it.

8.) Sponge Bath:

When a baby is suffering from cold and cough then don’t forget to give him a sponge bath by adding a pinch of salt in the lukewarm water and dip the cotton towel in it and wipe out her body with it. Now dress her properly this will allow her to feel good.

9.) Layering:

Always dress your baby in layers. Dressing him in 2-3 sweaters would not help him to escape cold instead she would start feeling too hot in overdressing. So always make her wear cotton banyan, thermal, t-shirt, sweater and cover her with a jacket if you go out. When you come back home take out the jacket and sweater as the room temperature is warmer than outside temperature. So always dress one more layer to your baby then you are wearing.

10.) Saffron:

Saffron acts as a stimulant in relieving from cold, cough and congestion. As we know, we can’t give saffron to infants below 6 months so saffron can be applied on the baby’s forehead to give relief.

Points to remember

  • Never give honey to babies below 1 year as it may cause a disease called infant botulism.
  • Never try any oral home remedy to infants below 3 months
  • If your baby has high fever, cough, congestion which are not getting cured with home remedy then immediately rush to the doctor as above home remedies will work only in mild infection.
  • Pamper your baby when he is ill as your cuddling will make her recover fast
  • Always switch off the fan/A.C/Cooler when you try out above home remedies at least for 1-2 hours.
  • It is always best to try the home remedies at night.

So, go for home remedies to cure a mild cold and cough in infants of 3-6 months of age. As we know, all babies are not the same as some might be allergic to anything so just take care while trying out any home remedy.

Disclaimer: Above mentioned home remedies are from my own personal experience and research. We are not a registered medical practitioner and are not responsible for any kind of side effects after trying these home remedies.

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