Weight Loss After Delivery

10 Tips To Win The Battle Of Weight Loss After Delivery

The arrival of the new baby brings joy and wealth to the family and along with gives the new mommy belly fat and start bothering about weight loss after delivery.

Here are the tried and tested methods to overcome.

Reducing belly fat is a prime concern of every woman after delivering her baby. Adopting a weight
loss regime right after delivery is not recommended as it takes two months of time for the uterus
to shrink and reach its original size. In fact, after two months you can analyze how much weight
you have put on and how much work out you need to inculcate in your routine. Moreover, you
need strength for full recovery after delivery and for the sufficient lactation to breastfeed your
baby, and to gain that strength, you need a healthy diet. In fact, ghee is recommended to regain
the strength so that you may not end up with health problems like joint pain, back pain, headache, osteoporosis etc in the future.

Every woman has a different kind of hormonal changes. Some may gain more weight and some
might reduce weight. If you are one of those who might face increased belly fat then you need
extra care and devotion to reduce the belly by inches.

After the delivery, manage your time and follow a healthy regime in a consistent manner to reduce
belly fat. Let us find out how

Tips For Weight Loss After Delivery

1. Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is the natural process to reduce calories and lose weight easily. Lactating moms
should intake proper diet to produce sufficient milk for her baby. It is recommended to breastfeed
your baby for the initial six months so try to breastfeed as much as possible. Bottles should be used
only when you are going outside or away from your baby. The best way at this point of time is to
express your own breast milk with the help of a breast pump and store it in a bottle which is safe
for 7-8 hours at room temperature and feed the baby when required.

2.) Stay hydrated

To stay fit post-pregnancy, keep yourself hydrated to reduce belly fat as drinking sufficient
amount of water is going to help you lose weight, produce more breast milk, and replenish the
fluids lost during breastfeeding. For new mothers, it is suggested to consume healthy drinks that
burn excess fat. One of the drinks can be made from boiling carom and fennel seeds in water. If
you can’t drink it, then boil normal drinking water that you can consume in a day. In summers, let
it cool down for a few minutes and then pour the water into a potter’s pot and drink it whenever
you are thirsty or after every feeding session. Avoid drinking cold water as it will not help you
reduce those inches. Repeat the same for 40 days at least and it would be great if you can continue
in later days. Avoid refrigerated water because it will increase your waist size. In winters, you can
keep the boiled water in a kettle, so that its temperature remains the same.

My baby was born in March and it was difficult to drink warm water, so I used to boil the water, cooled it down and stored in a potters’ pot.

3.) Walking:

Walking is a good exercise after delivery to lose belly fat. Sometimes, you can take your baby too in
the pram and take a troll in the park. The thing you need to take care of is the weather condition
whether it is suitable for your baby or not. Walking will also cheer you up. This way you can take
out some time for yourself and socialize as well.

4.) Exercise

Start some toning exercises to reduce belly fat. Doing light exercises after your baby is two months
old will help you tone your body muscles and maintain proper weight. You can exercise at home
by hiring a trainer or by learning yourself. Ask your trainer about the toning exercises. Once your
baby is asleep, doing some crunches, push-ups, sit-ups etc. is a good idea only if your doctor
recommends you to do it. Doing it consistently will surely help you reduce some belly fat. But, if
don’t find it interesting, then ask your husband or a friend to accompany you in your activity.

5.) Take proper diet

Diet is an important factor in recovering after delivery as proper diet plan adopted in the first two
months is going to help you stay away from health problems in the coming future. As you are a
lactating mother, you need to eat healthy to stay fit and produce more milk. Don’t make a mistake
by skipping your meals. This will not provide you energy which is required by new mothers. Some
changes should be done to your diet chart such as: take three proper meals, green vegetables, carrot, beetroot, 4 glasses of milk, 10 glasses of water, fruits, ghee, khichdi, daliya(broken wheat) , remove rice
from your diet, take proteins etc. Adopting proper diet will provide essential micronutrients to
maintain the metabolism of the newborn and help in postnatal development at a fast pace.

6.) Practice Yoga & Meditation

Yoga is helping people from old times to come into shape as it tones your muscles and has no side
effects whatsoever. Yoga can be learned online or by joining some groups and you can practice it
at home when your baby is asleep. Try waking up early and practice it. It will make you stay
energetic throughout the day.

Meditate whenever you find time from your household tasks as it will help you release the stress
and make you sleep better. Positive energy will surround you by exhaling negative energy out.

7.) Get proper sleep

Initial three months are very tiring for the new mothers as baby needs to be fed frequently and
baby’s sleep is not settled which will hamper your sleep. If you sleep less, then fat molecules will
settle into the belly region so try to rest whenever your baby is asleep.

8.) Body Massage

Body massage is surely going to reduce some belly fat without even working out at the gym. Hire a
professional who can give massage to you and your baby both. Do continue it for two months. Tummy massage will help you reduce the belly fat. For normal delivery, you can start getting
massages after a week or two once your stitches are healed, but for c-section delivery, consult
your doctor before you start.

9.) Maternity Belts

Maternity belts available in the market are a good choice for burning fat which helps to shrink the
uterus to its original size and thus helps you lose belly fat. It is recommended for normal delivery, but for c-section delivery, consultation with a doctor is required before using it.

10.) Eat slowly

Chew your food slowly which will make you eat less because our brain takes 30 minutes to send
the signals that our stomach is full. There will be no lesser load on the digestive system to digest
the food which also boosts your metabolism.

I hope these simple steps will help you in reducing belly fat post pregnancy because it took nine
months for your uterus to stretch to the size of your baby and it will definitely take some time to
get back into original condition. So, keep patience and you will surely come into your previous
shape soon.

Waiting for your experiences to be shared which you think are your ways to win the battle of
weight loss after delivery


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