10 Reasons Why Babies Cry And How To Soothe a Crying Baby


That is exactly what a baby expects. When a baby cries, he is expressing an emotion or a need.
Crying is communication and a swift, gentle response communicates in return. All babies cry
because of some common reasons that sometimes parents fail to identify. New parents face these
issues more often as they are unaware of these simple yet important reasons. As a matter of fact, it
takes time to become familiar with these reasons, and eventually, the parents start understanding all
the signs as their baby grows up. It is always important to know how to soothe a crying baby?

The first cry of a baby is considered very important because it ensures that the baby’s lungs are
working properly.

The reasons for those cries are listed below

1.) Hunger:

Hunger is the first and foremost reason for a newborn baby. A new-born baby is hungry most of
the time because he cannot intake a large quantity of milk at a time and asks for feed within an
hour. Thus, he conveys this message through his cries.

Ways to soothe:

As a mother you have to take care of the time interval between the feeding sessions and you
should be prepared to breastfeed or keep the bottle feed ready at the feeding time. If the baby is
on breastfeed then immediately feed your baby.

2.) Colic Pain

Colic pain is the second major reason. The digestive system of a new-born baby is very weak and
sometimes it is even difficult to digest breast milk.

Ways to Soothe:

  • Avoid giving your baby any other milk like formula, cow or buffalo. Instead, breastfeed
    your baby for six months to develop a strong immune system.
  • Breastfeeding moms should also take light diet initially so that their babies don’t face
    colic issues. Avoid heavy food items like kidney beans, banana etc. You can start eating other food items once your baby starts weaning and gradually the baby starts digesting the breast milk easily without getting colic pain.
  • Take some asafoetida powder and mix it in a teaspoon of water. Slowly apply this paste
    around lower abdomen of the baby.
  • Give colicaid drops or Himalaya bonnisan drops as per paediatrician’s guidance to get
    instant relief from colic pain.

3.) Tiredness

Tiredness can be one of the reasons for crying babies.

Ways to soothe:

  • Try to identify this state according to the waking time of your baby. This condition
    reflects when the baby is not playing actively. If someone has come to visit you after the
    baby is born, then what will you do in that case? Attend them for some time and make
    an excuse that your baby is hungry. Go in the room and let your baby rest because it is
    as important as other things. Otherwise, your baby can fall sick because of tiredness.
  • Give him/her a body massage to make him feel better as her legs might be tired of playing
    continuously. So, a good massage will surely give him a good sleep.

4.) Ignorance

Sometimes your baby might feel ignored and wants pampering from you. A new-born baby gets
used to such attention and might ask you to play with him. Crying is the only way by which he/she
can convey this message.

Ways to soothe

  • Pamper and shower love to your baby.
  • Play peek-a-boo game.
  • Cuddle your baby.
  • Say things like “you are my little princess”.
  • Sing a rhyme or a song.
  • Laugh with them.
  • Try to find your own ways to entertain them.

5.) Burp Time

Baby might be crying because he needs to burp and he is feeling

Ways to soothe:

Always make your baby burp on your shoulder and slowly pat his back. Sometimes, it is difficult for the baby to burp, so put him on your shoulder and there is nothing to worry about.

6.) Diaper changing time

Baby is crying because he is feeling uncomfortable in his diaper or nappy. New born babies pee and poop very often and they repeat the same during their nappy changing time.

Ways to soothe

  • Keep checking at regular intervals whether your baby has pooped or peed.
  • Change the diaper within two hours of time interval and analyze the time according to the number of times your baby pees and poops.

7.) Tight Clothing

Your baby might be wearing very tight clothes, maybe one size smaller and he might sweat because of it.

Ways to soothe

  • Check the size before buying clothes and always buy one size bigger so that they fit your baby next year as well.
  • Use layers while dressing up your baby. Make your baby wear one more layer than you do.

8.) Feeling sick

Your baby might have a running nose or undergoing a fever, maybe an upset stomach.

Ways to soothe

Analyze accordingly and rush to the pediatrician immediately.

9.) Teething

Pain in teeth and head which occurs during teething might make your baby cry. This problem starts during 4-7 months or sometimes later. In some babies, when the first tooth sprouts out, it can cause pain in gums and weakness in the body.

Ways to soothe:

Massage your baby’s head with oil or ghee to give him relief from the pain caused during teething.

10.) Feeling Cold:

Baby is feeling cold and can only let you know by crying. You gave your baby a bath and he doesn’t want to take a bath

Ways to soothe:

  • Avoid switching the fan on.
  • Swaddle your baby to make him feel safe as if he is still inside the womb because a baby spends nine months inside the womb and have the same feeling even after birth. Sometimes, they even get scared of faint noises while sleeping. Swaddling gives your baby comfort and makes him feel safe.

Every parent has a different experience. Hope my experience helps in your journey of parenthood. Spend time with your child to understand and analyze all the signs and thus, you could take the right call for your baby at the right time.

Share your experiences of reasons why a baby is crying and the queries related to the blog in the comment section below.

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