10 Natural Ways To Get Rid of Mosquitoes And Prevent Mosquito Bites in Babies


Preventing babies from mosquito bites and mosquito bites treatment is a common botheration of parents. Here are natural ways to get rid of mosquito bites in babies.

Mosquitoes breed around easily and dwell inside our houses. It can cause mosquito diseases like dengue, malaria, and chikungunya.

It is a prime concern to prevent mosquito bites as we cannot apply any mosquito repellant on baby’s skin up to six months.

These are some of the ways I have been practicing to prevent my baby from mosquito bites:-

Ways to Prevent Mosquitoes

1.) Avoid Water Stagnation

Stagnated water is the major cause of mosquito breeding around and inside the house. Always clear all the breeding grounds inside and outside the house. Avoid leaving water in the coolers, bucket, mug, utensils etc. Avoid leaving even a single drop of water on the bathroom floor as it might give breeding space to mosquitoes.

2.) Use Kerosene Oil

Put kerosene oil in the bathroom drains and kitchen sink drain. Put a few drops of kerosene while wiping the floor as well.

3.) Camphor, Neem oil and Bay leaves

Mix camphor and neem oil, and spray this mixture over bay leaves. Allow them to burn inside a room so that its fumes can kill all the mosquitoes present inside the room.

4.) Wire Netting on Doors and Windows

Always install wire netting on your doors and windows to prevent mosquitoes from entering.

5.) Avoid Going Out During Dusk and Dawn

Always avoid going out with your babies during dusk and dawn as they are prominent breeding times.

6.) Dress Properly

Make your kids and babies wear full-sleeve and lose clothes. Loose clothes are not in direct contact of the skin, so it is difficult for mosquitoes to bite. Also, wear light-colored clothing to prevent mosquito bites as dark color attracts mosquitoes and light color repels them.

7.) Keeping Doors & Windows Shut

Always keep your doors and windows shut to prevent entry of mosquitoes in the house during dusk and dawn time.

8.) Mosquito Killing Racket

Buy a good quality mosquito-killing racket for your house. I have used and it is worth buying

9.) Use Repellants

Use repellants according to your baby’s age such as fabric roll on, stickers(patches), skin sprays and bands which are easily available in the market.

10.) Switch On Fan at Full Speed

Make sure you switch on the fan at full speed which makes the mosquitoes fly around and bites are prevented.

11.) Avoid Scented Products

Avoid using scented products like oil, powder, lotion for you and your baby to prevent mosquito bite.

Ways To Soothe A Mosquito Bites

  • Apply an ice cube rolled up in a cotton handkerchief. Never apply it directly over the bite.
  • Apply raw honey.
  • Apply Aloe vera gel by cutting the Aloe vera leaf or buy an Aloe vera gel from the market to
  • treat it. This is going to ease the itchiness, swelling, and healing of the wound.
  • Apply toothpaste.

So, these were some useful natural ways to prevent mosquitoes. Comment below and share your natural remedies for mosquitoes.

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