10 Must-Haves For New Moms After Delivery

Assembling the must-haves for new moms before baby arrival is must-have as she won’t get enough time to gather things right after delivering the baby. These things should be kept handy and should be packed in a bag long before the delivery time.

Before my delivery, my mother-in-law bought some of these things and spared them in the basket like sanitary pads, feeding gown, baby soap, baby massage oil, a few pairs of clothing for the new born, nursing pillow, traditional nappies etc.

Let’s get started with the new mom essential list.


1.) Sanitary Napkins

Mommy to be should Stock up a good number of sanitary napkins so that you never run short of it. Your vagina didn’t bleed for nine months and after the delivery, sometimes it takes around 6-8 weeks for the bleeding to stop. It is up to you whichever brand you go for, but consider buying a bigger size than the size you were using earlier so that excessive bleeding can spread around the pad and can soak properly.

2.) Comfortable Clothing

Buy comfortable clothes for this period of time. You can also use the same clothes which you wore during the last months of pregnancy as your size will be the same after giving birth. Buy some feeding night suits, gowns, and maternity bras as well.

3.) Feeding Pillow

As a new mother, most of your time will be spent in feeding the newborn, so buy a feeding pillow which will give support to you both and will promote easy breastfeeding sessions.

4.) Help

Take help from your mother or your mother-in-law to take care of you, your baby and household chores. If the family members are not available, then hire a maid who can do such work. This time is only for you to regain your strength and to take proper care of your health. Sometimes, your budget doesn’t allow you to do this but do save some money for this time because it is indeed going to help you. This is a must-have for new moms after delivery.

5.) Nursing Pads

As a new mother, you will be feeding your baby frequently, so the lactation will also increase. The breastmilk might overflow and you must wear nursing pads at the time when your baby is asleep. The nursing pads soak excess breastmilk.

6.) Body massage

This is a must for all new mothers as it helps you regain all the lost strength. It also regulates the blood circulation. Normal delivery moms can start the massage after one week and c-section moms should consult their gynecologist before starting. I am also a c-section mom. I started having massages after 15 days. My masseuse used to leave the lower abdomen area to avoid the risk of stitches getting infected.

7.) Stretch marks cream/oil

Start using stretch marks cream from fifth month of pregnancy to give your stomach flexibility and to avoid more stretch marks during delivery. You can also use coconut oil, bio-oil, shea butter, mustard oil etc. Keep using oil even after pregnancy, so that stretch marks disappear with time.

8.) Breast pump

Breast pump is another must have for a new mom. It is a good option to buy it before your delivery. Breast pump helps you in many ways possible. When you are going out leaving your baby at home, then you can express your breast milk and store it in a bottle for 7-8 hours at room temperature. Therefore, baby can be fed later. If the breast milk overflows due to excessive lactation, then you can express the milk.

9.) Formula milk

Buy good quality formula milk only after consulting your doctor. Sometimes, a situation arises when breastfeeding is not possible. So, the formula is given to the baby. After the delivery, we got formula milk from the hospital itself. Initially, my baby was fed formula milk before starting my breastfeed. We stopped giving him formula once he started nursing. We still kept that formula milk with us if it was needed in case of emergency.

10.) Snacks

Keep some healthy snacks besides your table like makhane, dry fruits, pinni(homemade laddo) etc. so you can have them whenever you are hungry. Frequent feeding sessions will make you feel hungry even at 2 a.m.

So, these were some of the post pregnancy must-haves which Mommy to be should pack in their hospital bags before the due date so that you don’t have to rush around for these simple things.

Taking care of yourself is as important as taking care of your newborn baby. Don’t forget to keep a checklist of these things and enjoy the journey of motherhood.

If I missed out something to be added in the new mom shopping list then comment below.

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